Art for a Cause with Lia & Ava Ledon

The Town of Sewall's Point added an event.

Town Hall
1 S. Sewall's Point Road
Sewall's Point, FL 34996
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Art for a Cause with Lia & Ava Ledon

Jan 27, 5:30pm

Town Hall 1 South Sewall's Point Road, Sewall's Point, FL 34996

Town Hall 1 S. Sewall's Point Road Sewall's Point, FL 34996

Every day, I’m proud of the job performed by the Officers of the Department. However, some days, I hear something extraordinary from a citizen, and I am even more proud of them, if that were possible. Today, a citizen just came by to reimburse one of the officers for an Uber ride he paid for out of his pocket. Apparently, the citizen locked her keys in the car and we were unable to unlock it. With no means of paying for the ride, both officers offered to pay for her Uber ride home and one of them did. On top of being great police officers, I want to thank them both for just being terrific people. Thank you Officer John Shinkunas and Juan Garcia for serving the Town of Sewall’s Point. -Chief Tina Ciechanowski ... See MoreSee Less

Town Commission Meeting

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Town Commission Meeting

Jan 24, 5:30pm

1 S Sewalls Point Rd, Stuart, FL 34996-6736, United States


There have been two suspicious incidents Approximately one month ago, a white female with brown hair, driving a black SUV, was found crying in resident's driveway. The subject in the vehicle informed the resident that they used to live at the residence and her father was terminally ill. She asked for permission to walk around the back of the house and they allowed her to do so.

Yesterday, another female mid-30s, heavier/thick set build, brown hair arrived at the house driving a brown Fiat. She pulled in the driveway and asked to come see the house inside. The teenage son agreed and allowed her into the home. As they walked inside, the woman started telling him she was a previous resident at that location and pointed out very few features of the home. After looking around a few more minutes she left. Both incidents occurred between 2pm and 4pm.

We have investigated this incident with the previous residents of this home. This woman is NOT affiliated with the previous owners. The behavior of this individual is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. If you have experienced a similar incident or have any information about this one, please call the Police Department at 772-781-3378.

If someone arrives at your home who you do not know and attempts to draw you out or request entry inside, call 9-1-1 immediately. Don't let them in your house! Gather as much information as you can. Try to get a good suspect and vehicle description (license plate, make, model), as well as a direction of travel.

Remember! The number one way to protect yourself is to not allow someone into your home if you're unsure about them. It is not rude to refuse strangers access to your home. You should never feel pressured or embarrassed into letting someone in. Please speak with your children and share the same message.

When in doubt, call 9-1-1. The Sewall's Point Police Department is here to serve YOU!

Thank you for your assistance in helping to report crime in Sewall's Point.

Tina Ciechanowski, Chief of Police
Sewall's Point Police Department
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