Building and Facilities

Building & Facilities Department


John Adams, C.B.O.
Building & Facilities Director
772-287-2455 Ext 15

John has over 40 years experience in the construction industry, with the last 25 years in building code enforcement. He is a Certified Building Official and licensed as a Building Code Administrator, Plans Examiner and a multi-disciplined Building Inspector through the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Town of Sewall’s Point Building & Facilities Department is to provide a resident-friendly, efficient operation that will enforce the industry standards for the protection of life, health, welfare, public safety and general well-being throughout our built environment. We work vigorously to preserve our neighborhoods through an efficient unbiased code enforcement program that is designed to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living condition that will improve property values and enhance the quality of life for the residents in the Town of Sewall’s Point.

The Building & Facilities Department provides timely, knowledgeable, and comprehensive plan review, and inspections of buildings in the process of construction, alteration or renovation.  We are committed to assuring compliance with the Florida Building Code, the Town of Sewall’s Point Code of Ordinances, and for conformity with approved plans and permitted documents.  This will maximize the safety of all buildings during every day use, and most importantly during any emergency situation such as a hurricane or flood.

The Building & Facilities Department is responsible for permitting, inspecting, enforcing, and complete record keeping of the building permit process. Building & Facilities Department staff performs routine inspections on all new construction projects, makes special inspections of unsafe buildings, investigates improper and un-permitted work, and attends pre-construction and in progress jobsite meetings with contractors and design professionals. We also are the custodians of a comprehensive archive of all building permit plans, surveys and construction related documents in town.

In addition to the Building Code responsibilities, the Building and Facilities Director is responsible for the management and oversight of all capital construction and maintenance activities undertaken by the Town.