2013 Town Resolutions

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Resolutions for Calendar Year 2013

Date Number Subject
11/19/2013 793 Establishment of a Neighborhood Wildlife Corridors Effort
12/10/2013 792 Supporting the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan Amendments Adopted by Martin County Pursuant to Ordinance No. 538
10/22/2013 791 Advising the Florida Department of Transportation that the Town Supports the Closure of the Stuart Causeway During the Stuart Sailfish Regatta
09/26/2016 790 Requesting the Governor of Florida, Through Executive Order and/or Other Powers Available Under the Law, to Activate All Available State and Local Emergency and Relief Resources and Mechanisms for the Protection of the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Lucie Estuary
09/26/2013 789 Adopting the Final Budget for FY 2014
09/26/2013 788 Adopting the Final Millage Rate for FY 2014
10/22/2013 787 Authorizing a Proposed Budget Amendment Appropriation of $42,000
07/23/2013 784 Declaring the Acquisition of Property in Fee Simple to be Necessary for the Right of Way for the Greenway/Pedway Project
05/28/2013 782 Authorizing a Proposed Budget Appropriation of $62,000.00
05/01/2013 781 Adopting a Fee Schedule in Conformance with Ordinance No 379 Providing for the Registration of Contractors Doing Business within the Town
04/23/2013 780 Approving and Interlocal Agreement Between Martin County and the Town for the Provision of Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Services
01/22/2013 779 Adopting an Amended Building Permit Fee Schedule