February 27, 2019

10:00 A.M.


Code Enforcement Board Members and Alternates


Michael Raskin, Chairperson; Johnny Colson, Mike Antheil, Tony Lagana, Don Fabricy, VACANCY, Alternates Kathy Miscoski, Geoff Mayfield, vacancy, vacancy, and Tyson J. Waters, Attorney for the Board





1.         10:07 AM  CALL TO ORDER


  10:07 AM 

a.       Pledge of Allegiance

  10:08 AM 


      Chairman Raskin requested everyone introduce themselves


       Attorney Tyson Waters

       Johnny Colson

       Tony Lagana

        Don Fabricy

        Michael Raskin

        Kathy Miscoski

        Mike Antheil


  10:54 AM Roll Call.

Present: Tony Lagana  Chair , Michael Raskin Vice Chair , Johnny Colson , Mike Antheil , Don Fabricy (Alternate) , Kathy Miscoski (Alternate) , Attorney Tyson Waters (Non Voting Member) .



b.      Oath of newly appointed members and alternates


        Attorney Tyson Waters administered the Oath of Office to those members present.


  10:15 AM


c.       Selection of Chairperson

Motion nomination of Mike Antheil as Chairperson no seconded.


Motion nomination of Tony Lagana as Chairperson  by Johnny Colson seconded by Kathy Miscoski


The motion passed unanimously


Motion nomination of Michael Raskin as Vice Chairperson by Johnny Colson seconded by Kathy Miscoski


The motion passed unanimously


After a brief discussion Attorney Waters clarified each position of each member present and noted an error in the agenda. He corrected the error on the agenda by stating for the record that Don Fabricy is not a member but is an alternate member, and appointed by Mayor Barile.


  10:31 AM 


d.      Orientation for members and alternates (Board Attorney)     

Attorney Tyson Waters gave a brief overview of the Code Enforcement Boards duties and responsibilities. He also gave the Board information as it relates to Sunshine and Public Records Law.  


    11:03 AM   

e.      2019 Code Enforcement Board meeting schedule

After a brief discussion the Board made the following motion:


  11:04 AM Motion: Motion to meet 4 times per year, Action: Approve, Moved by Mike Antheil , None seconded.


  11:04 AM Motion: Set the meeting date for the First Wednesday of each month beginning at 10 am  and allow the Chair to determined if the a meeting is necessary.

 , Action: Approve, Moved by Michael Raskin Vice Chair , Seconded by Johnny Colson .

Motion passed unanimously.

    11:14 AM 

2.       ADJOURN





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