Town of Sewall’s Point

Commission Meeting Audio and Decision

February 28, 2017

7:00 P.M.

Due to technical difficulties the recording starts at 7:15 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER     7:00 PM 

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of Silence

Roll Call

Mayor James W. Campo, Vice-Mayor Paul Luger, Commissioner Vinny Barile, Commissioner Frank Fender, Commissioner Dan Morris(teleconference in at 7:14 p.m.), Town Manager Pamela M. Walker, Town Attorney Glen Torcivia and Town Clerk Lakisha Burch.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda  7:03 PM

Mayor Campo stated that item 10- Town Manager’s Contract move to item 7 and Commissioner Fender asked if he could add two items to the agenda, his Code Enforcement Board candidates and Resolution No. 843- Senate Bill 10 and House Bill 761.


Motion made by Luger, seconded by Fender to approve the amended agenda. Motion passed 4-0.


Motion was made by Luger, seconded by Fender to amended the amended approve agenda by adding Commissioner Morris telephonically. Motion passed 3-1. Commissioner Barile opposed.


CONSENT AGENDA   7:14 PM                      

1.    Financial Reports

2.    Meeting Minutes

3.    Building Activity Report

4.    Police Activity Report


Motion was made by Luger, seconded by Fender to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion passed unanimously.


COMMISSIONERS COMMENTS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS  7:14 PM                                                               



Please submit a comment card to the Town Clerk and limit your comments to three (3) minutes.



5.    Denise S. Serls- Catch the Wave of Hope  7:15 PM

Denise Serls, a resident of the town spoke on Human Trafficking.

6.    Swearing in of Officer Kimberly Thompson   7:26 PM

Police Chief Ciechanowski swore in Officer Kimberly Thompson.

PUBLIC HEARING    8:48 PM                                                                                                                               

10. First Reading: Ord. No. 409 Establishing a Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facilities

Town Attorney Glen Torcivia read the motion into the record and presented the item.

Motion was made by Luger, seconded by Barile. To approve on First Reading Ordinance No. 409, Establishing a Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facilities. Motion passed unanimously.


7.    Vice Mayor Luger- Town Manager’s Contract  7:31 PM

Commissioner Luger presented the item. There were discussion among the Commissioners.

There were also public comment.

8.    Commissioner Fender- Senate Bill 10 and House Bill 761.

Commissioner Fender presented the item and Alen Gillen spoke on the Bill.    

Motion was made by Luger, seconded by Barile to approve Resolutions No. 843. Motion passed unanimously.   

9.    Commissioner Fender- Code Enforcement nominations.   8:46 PM 

Commissioner Fender presented the item. Commissioner Barile also gave a nomination due to the resignation of Carol Chontos.

Motion was made by Fender, seconded by Luger to approve the nominations for the Code Enforcement Board. Motion passed unanimously.

11.Commissioner Barile-Mayor’s 2/16/17 Email


Commissioner Barile presented the item and addressed his concerns regarding the email that was sent out by the Mayor on 2/16/17. Vice Mayor Luger also expressed his concern regarding this item as well.

12. Gazebo for Lantana Park   8:57 PM  

Town Manager Walker presented the item. John Adams, Building Official asked the Commission what color they would like the roof to be on the Gazebo and received their response.

Motion was made by Luger, seconded by Fender to approve staff recommendation. Motion was passed unanimously.

13. Town Engineer CIP Planning Budget.   9:03 PM 

Town Manager Walker and Town Engineer Capra presented the item and there were discussion among the Commission and Mr. Capra.

Motion was made by Luger, seconded by Fender to approve 43,800 in expenditures for the Town Manager to pay. Motion was passed unanimously.                                                                                                                    



ADJOURN     10:08 PM                                                                                                   




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