Town of Sewall’s Point

SPECIAL Town Commission MEETING Minutes

APRIL 18, 2019 7:00 p.m.

[Verbatim details available at by clicking the “audio”  link for the meeting]



   7:01 PM Roll Call.

Present: Vice Mayor Frank Fender, Mayor Vinny Barile, Commissioner James W. Campo, Commissioner Dave Kurzman, Town Manager Pamela M. Walker (Not voting), Town Attorney Glen Torcivia (Not voting).


Pledge to the Flag

Roll Call

  7:01 PM  Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda


Comments from Public on Non-Agenda Items

  7:02 PM  Comments from the Commissioners on Non-Agenda Items


DISCUSSION                                                                                                          Sponsoring Commissioner

  7:03 PM

1. Town Manager Search                                                                                               Mayor Barile

Kurt Bressner, ICMA –CM Senior Advisor came forward and gave a brief overview of their services.              He explained the four basic options for the search.

  7:55 PM Motion: Option 3 Receive assistance from FCCMA Senior Advisor Program, Action: Approve, Moved by Commissioner James W. Campo, Seconded by Vice Mayor Frank Fender.

Motion passed unanimously.

   7:56 PM  2. Responsibilities and Schedule of Retiring Town Manager Moving Forward.

                                                                                                                                             Commissioner Campo

The Commissioners offered their comments.

  8:03 PM Motion: Commission should require Town Manager time off be tightened up and the Commission be notified of any time off for the next 10 weeks, and receive a full accounting for all paid time off , Action: Approve, Moved by Commissioner James W. Campo, Seconded by Commissioner Dave Kurzman.

Motion dies 2/2 Barile Fender (No)

  8:15 PM  3. Interim Manager Should One Be Necessary                              Commissioner Campo

Commissioner Campo recommended allowing the Town Manager to leave and to retain an Interim Manager. He named several people who could serve as Interim Town Manager.

  8:19 PM Motion: Move forward with the termination of the Town Manager pay her what we owe her, 10 weeks and bring on an Interim Town Manager. , Action: Approve, Moved by Commissioner James W. Campo, None seconded.



The Commission agreed to move forward with the current town manager evaluation.

The Commission agreed that they need to begin the process of criteria for the new Town Manager.


  8:33 PM  ADJOURN






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