Town of Sewall’s Point

Town Commission Minutes of commission WORKSHOP

May 14, 2019 5:30 pm


[Verbatim details available at by clicking the “audio”  link for the meeting]




  5:30 PM  Pledge to the Flag


Roll Call

 5:30 PM Roll Call.

Present: Vice Mayor Frank Fender, Mayor Vinny Barile, Commissioner James W. Campo, Commissioner Dave Kurzman, Town Manager Pamela M. Walker (Not voting).

Absent: Town Attorney Glen Torcivia.


  5:31 PM  Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda


  5:31 PM Motion: Addendum item as added item 1a Police Week Proclamation. , Action: Approve, Moved by Commissioner James W. Campo, Seconded by Vice Mayor Frank Fender.

Motion passed unanimously.




Sewall’s Point resident Ben Sharfi came forward and explained that he is looking to install a helipad at his home for emergency purposes.


  5:36 PM  DISCUSSION                                                        


 5:36 PM  1. Officer of the Year Presentation Commission


Juan Garcia was recognized as Officer of the Year. He was given an award. He was thanked for his loyal and competent service to the Sewall’s Point Police Department.





DISCUSSION                                                             Commission Sponsor


  5:40 PM  1. A.  Proclamation National Police Week


 5:43 PM Motion: Accept the Proclamation , Action: Approve, Moved by Vice Mayor Frank Fender, Seconded by Commissioner Dave Kurzman.

Motion passed unanimously.


  5:43 PM 

2. Neighborhood Park Committee Commission

Neighborhood Park Committee members came forward and gave a brief overview and visual presentation of the proposed playground.


  6:29 PM 

3. Septic Conversion: Outreach, Schedule, Budget, & Permits Commission


Joe Capra gave a brief overview of the proposed schedule of public presentations.


After Commission comments there was consensus to waive the town permit fee to the septic to sewer applicants.


The following members of the public came forward and offered public comment:


Anna Bergalis

Dr.  Charles Farrow


  7:04 PM 

4. Town Manager Post-Contractual Agreement Commission


Town Manager Walker proposed a post contractual Town Manager agreement that she received from the Town Attorney.  


After Commission comments, The Commissioners asked that this item be added to the next regular agenda.





Vice Mayor Fender gave a brief overview of a product he used to kill weeds called Doctor Kirchner a natural weed killer.  He is sharing this information to the public as an alternate to ban glyphosate herbicide.


Town Manager Walker presented a letter from the Town Attorney proposing an amendment to the debri removal contract to allow for a reduction of the bid bond and be required to deliver a performance and payment bond within 2 days of the notice to proceed. The Consensus of the Commission was to move forward.


Commissioner Kurzman thanked Vice Mayor for his effort to look at an alternative to glyphosate herbicide.


Commissioner Campo asked the Commission if they should send a letter to the property owner who removed all vegetation on the property at …


He also said he would be in support of a post Town Manager contract for three days a week.

He also expressed concern over not seeing the March financial reports for the Town. The Town Manager said she would send them out tomorrow. He also said he has met with Mr. Sharfi and expressed concern over bringing forward an Ordinance banning landing of aircratf in the Town.


Mayor Barile expressed concern over the original permit application to the Town that did not include a helipad.


Vice Mayor Fender said he would like to see all the permit documents and correspondences pertaining to the Sharfi property.


Commissioner Kurzman said he also met with Mr. Sharfi, and expressed concern over the landing of a helicopter.

The Commission agreed to discuss the matter further but not bring forward an Ordinance at this time.



  7:43 PM  ADJOURN:


 7:43 PM Motion: , Action: Adjourn, Moved by Vice Mayor Frank Fender, Seconded by Commissioner James W. Campo.

Motion passed unanimously.




Mayor Vinny Barile, Presiding Officer






Cheryl, White, Town Clerk




Minutes approved at the meeting of: May 28, 2019 






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