Town of Sewall’s Point

Post-Election Meeting Audio and Decision

November 11, 2018

10:00 A.M.


CALL TO ORDER     10:00 AM 


            Pledge to the Flag 


            Roll Call    10:00 AM


Present: Mayor Paul Luger, Vice Mayor Frank Fender, Commissioner James W. Campo, Town Manager Pamela M. Walker. Absent: Commissioner Vinny Barile, Commissioner Dan Morris Town Attorney Glen Torcivia.



            Addition, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda    10:00 AM

  10:00 AM Motion: Motion to Approve Agenda. Action: Approve, Moved by Commissioner James W. Campo, Seconded by Vice Mayor Frank Fender.

Motion passed unanimously.





            Comments from Public on Non-Agenda Items    10:01 AM 


Kathy Mascoski made public comment


            Comments from the Commissioners on All Items    10:04 AM 


Commissioner Campo congratulated Dave Kurzman for his election to the Town Commission and commented that he looked forward to working with him and welcomed him to the Commission.




1.    Canvas the Returns    10:05 AM 


Town Manager Walker read the unofficial results into the record. She explained that the official results would be presented by the Martin County Supervisor of Elections once the State Statue required provisions and audit had been completed. She also advised that the Supervisor of Elections had informed that Town that there would be no recount for the Town election.


2.    Official Declaration of Election Results    10:05 AM 


  10:05 AM Motion: Motion to Approve the Election Results, Action: Approve, Moved by Vice Mayor Frank Fender, Seconded by Commissioner James W. Campo.

Motion passed unanimously.





Mayor Luger made comments regarding the election season and that he will continue to work hard to listen to the residents of the Town and that he is looking forward to working with Mr. Kurzman. He stated that he looks forward to working together.


Town Manager Walker advised that the swearing in for the Commissioners would be on the November 27, 2018 agenda for the Commission Organization meeting along with the selection of Mayor and Vice Mayor, Commissioners Appointments to Code Enforcement Board and Board of Zoning Adjustment and the selection of which Commissioners will be on the different outside boards such as the Airport Noise Committee, League of Cities and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). She invited the Commissioners and Commissioner-elect to come see her if they have any questions.


Town Manager Walker requested that due to an illness in the family to be able to work from home part of the time and if she is not working she will take vacation time. Mayor Luger, Vice Mayor Fender and Commissioner Campo stated that had no objection.


ADJOURN   10:12 AM 







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