Building & Public Works


The staff of the Building Department works with contractors, residents, and their representatives in support of residents’ applications for development and/or building permits, variances and/or alternative building standards.  The staff also ensure compliance with federal, state, county and Town of Sewall’s Point building codes, laws and policies related to construction, planning and zoning, setbacks, code enforcement and other building-related activities.

Building & Public Works Director
Jack Reisinger, C.B.O.
Building & Public Works Director
772-287-2455 Ext 15

For general questions regarding submittal of permits, processing of permits or the online permitting system please contact Lori Johns at 772-287-2455 ext. 10 or at 


  • Application and enforcement of zoning, floodplain, licensing, ordinances, and building codes for structural, electrical, plumbing, gas, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Review and disposition of applications for permits to insure conformance with Federal, State, County and local zoning and floodplain regulations and building codes