Police Department

“A Tradition of Service”


The Sewall’s Point Police Department will provide for the general protection, safety, and well-being of residents, businesses, and visitors to the Town of Sewall’s Point.  To accomplish our mission, the Department will adhere to the values of professionalism, integrity, impartiality, sensitivity, and respect.  Working in partnership with the community, the Department will identify and resolve problems using all available resources.

Contact the Police Department

IMPORTANT: The email address for the police department is NOT for emergency use.

Alternatively, you may click here to: Email the Police Department

Chief of Police

Tina Ciechanowski
Chief of Police
(772)-287-2455 ext. 18


  • Directing, supervising, and evaluating the maintenance of criminal and operational records for compliance with all Local, State, and Federal laws and Town regulations and policies
  • Formulating written administrative guidance in the form of policies, regulations, and other orders governing activities of the Police Department
  • Organizing, directing, and controlling all resources of the Police Department to preserve the peace, protect person and property, and enforce the law
  • Planning, organizing, and directing all activities of the Police Department
  • Serving as the chief spokesperson for the Police Department

Services to Residents

Complimentary Video Program

The police department can send an officer your home and video tape your house and/or property for purposes of insurance or historical documentation free of charge. The video tape can be useful when filing insurance claims for loss, damage or theft, and also with the recovery of stolen property.  The Police Department purchased a digital video recorder with funds obtained through a crime prevention grant.

At your request, the Police Department will schedule an officer to record images of the exterior and interior of your residence. The officer will:

  • Record images of your personal property and valuables, such as antiques, artwork, china, silverware, and jewelry.
  • Give you a mini-DVD containing the images upon completion of the image recording session.

Contact the Police Department at (772)-781-3378 to schedule an appointment.

Vacant House Check

If you are leaving town, you are welcome to visit and register your home with the Police Department. Police officers will drive by your house periodically and check that your doors are locked and fulfill any special requests agreed upon when your home was registered.

Neighborhood Watch

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